“pro-choice” or “pro-abortion”?

When you look at the labels in our society, what comes to mind? Do you think of a woman who is "pro-choice" or a person who is "pro-life"? It really depends on your own personal stance and opinion on the issue. For me, I have always been pro-feminism and therefore also pro-abortion. However, there are some times when I switch from being one of those people to the other. In my eyes, it all has to do with how one interprets labels. As of now, I am going to explain how I interpret the two opposing labels as well as give an analysis of both sides of this controversial topic.

First of all, let's talk about "pro-choice". A person who is "pro-choice" holds the belief that a woman should have complete freedom over her own body and what she does with it. A woman has a right to do whatever she wants without any government or society telling her what she must or must not do. This includes the decision to terminate a pregnancy, regardless of whether people approve of it morally or not. In this way, being "pro-choice" supports personal freedom and liberty for women in regards to their reproductive health.

The "pro-choice" terminology is not neutral. It's an euphemism that was created specifically for the purpose of putting a positive spin on what abortion really is: the killing of human beings in their mother's womb. For example, "pro-life" simply means pro (in favor) of life (that which gives life to us all). But "pro-choice" means pro-choice (the right to choose). Sounds good, doesn't it?

There are three main groups involved in this debate:

Those who believe that ending another human being's life in order to resolve one's own problems (and/or someone else's) is morally wrong.

Those who believe that ending another human being's life in order to resolve one's own problems (and/or someone else's) is morally acceptable. 

Those who believe that ending another human being's life in order to resolve one's own problems (and/or someone else's) is not a moral issue, but rather a matter of personal choice.

Note how the third group abdicates all responsibility for their actions by placing it squarely on "the woman". It doesn't matter what her circumstances are, whether she hid the fact that she was pregnant or even if she had an abortion without knowing she was pregnant (some cultures used to bury women up to their necks during pregnancy and then leave them there until they gave birth). The "pro-choice" people don't care about any of that. All that matters is that it's her body and therefore, she should have the right to choose what to do with it.

This line of thinking has been a great success for those who support abortion rights. We live in a world where most people believe an unborn child isn't really a human being until birth - and even then they say life begins at conception (a hard thing to prove); there are those who believe life doesn't begin at conception either! But killing another person as soon as he/she is conceived (regardless of his/her age or size) is considered unacceptable.

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However, there are some times when I see "pro-choice" as more of an excuse for irresponsibility on behalf of both men and women involved in sex.For example, I would say that one of the reasons why our world has such an overpopulation problem is due to irresponsible "pro-choice" supporters. There are still many people today who believe in having unprotected sex, even if they already have kids. Pro-abortion should not be used as a way for people to get out of responsibility when it comes to their sexual activity and whether or not they choose to be responsible with contraception.

Now let's talk about "pro-life." A person who is "pro-life" holds the belief that human life should never be taken away for any reason at all including but not limited to abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, etc. But it does not stop there - many pro-lifesupporters also believe that a child should be raised in the best possible way by his/her biological parents.

I understand where this group of people is coming from, but I do not agree with them at all. However, I see their point when it comes to unborn children since they have yet to experience life outside of the womb and therefore may have not even survived if the pregnancy had been terminated. However, once a baby has been born, I feel as though he or she does deserve to live unless there are serious circumstances that prevent that life from being carried out successfully (i.e., having Down Syndrome or other genetic abnormalities).

In conclusion, both sides have good points on why they think the way they do about abortion rights.However, I believe that this entire debate comes down to personal opinion and what society has conditioned us to think about. Thank you for reading!