We resolve that respect-for-LIFE from conception to natural death in our society be valued by all our citizens and be supported by law.

Association PEI “Right to Life”

Pro-life. When you hear this term, what comes to mind?   Does it make you think about your own beliefs about the sanctity of life? Do you have any visions of anti-abortion protesters?  Or perhaps you believe a woman's right to reproductive freedom is more important? Despite how we feel or think, the term "pro-life" has a particular meaning in our culture. 

Regardless of their societal value, every human being has a God-given right to life from the outset of their biological growth through natural death. The entire world collectively owes it to all people in need or who are vulnerable to aid. 

Your life matters, whether you're a preborn baby, a newborn, an old person, or someone with disabilities and special needs. The pro-life movement talks about the worth of human life, and is a term coined during the 1970s abortion debates. 

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What is PEI LIFE Association?

Formerly known as the PEI Right to LIFE, PEI LIFE Association is a non-profit charity organization that seeks to further the pro-life message and help individuals make choices on Prince Edward Island. Their foundation is established on valuing all human life forms - from conception to natural death. PEI LIFE Association was founded in 1974.  

What is the motto of PEI LIFE Association?

PEI LIFE Association functions on the idea that the right to life is a supreme fundamental right available to individuals that must be preserved at all costs. All other fundamental freedoms like equality and free speech are based on the fundamental right to life and human dignity – and this is a right that prevails over human beings both before and after their birth. That is why, as a society, we must ensure that individuals can avail this right to life in the truest sense. 

This is what PEI LIFE Association believes in. 

What does PEI LIFE Association do?

The following are the functions of PEI LIFE Association: 

  • They maintain a powerful pro-life message throughout the media.

  • They organize pro-life events to spread the word all across Prince Edward Island.

  • They organize pro-life events to spread the word all across Prince Edward Island. 

  • They mentor volunteers and next-generation leaders to carry forward the pro-life motto.

  • They seek to help single mothers by providing them with bursary funds.

  • They seek to help and support women who have unplanned or involuntary pregnancies. 

  • They collect funds in donations from friends of the organization to carry forward their pro-life functions.

How does PEI LIFE Association gather help from society?

PEI LIFE Association seeks help from the members of society in the following manner:

  • By appointing a monthly Advocate for Life supporter.

  • By taking in one-time donations for their projects.

  • By inducting individuals as annual members to get involved with the organization.

  • By appointing volunteers to help with their projects on Prince Edward Island. 

Even if you consider yourself to be pro-choice, don’t hesitate to share your opinions with PEI as they are open to a valuable discussion, hearing arguments from both sides of the table.

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